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While my garden sleeps

Posted by: Heidi

January 29th, 2011 >> Photos, Playing with paint

While my garden’s soil is cold and still and I wait for its creative juices to start flowing again, I focus my own creative juices more on painting instead of gardening. I love playing with paint, mixing different colors and consistencies, the feel of different brushes on the canvas and the way a few simple brush strokes can create something from nothing.

Just like with gardening, everything I know about painting I have learned by trial and error. I don’t paint particularly well, but I enjoy the process, and occasionally the result is pleasing. I find that putting paint on canvas helps to satisfy my urge to create something myself. When I work in the garden I am mostly an observer of the garden’s creations. I may assist in the process but my role in the creation is much more passive. When I paint the creation is all my own.

We all have creativity within us and expressing it in our own way, and in different ways at different times, nourishes our selves and makes us unique.

“It is not your paintings I like, it is your painting.”
~ Albert Camus