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Posted by: Heidi

May 29th, 2011 >> Photos, The wilderness

At this time of year it is not just in our planted and tended gardens that flowers are blooming, the wildflowers are blooming too. Spring walks in the woods are full of little hidden treasures, often showing up where we least expect them. These fragile looking little flowers are much stronger than they look and often survive extremely adverse conditions without a gardener to help them along.

I like discovering wildflowers in the woods. Unconstrained by garden beds, they seem to be so strong and free, able to grow almost anywhere. I always find it reassuring to see that their strength and persistence have prevailed over the harsh winter conditions once again and they have survived for another season of growth.

“You belong among the wildflowers,
You belong somewhere close to me.
Far away from your trouble and worries
You belong somewhere you feel free.”
~Tom Petty