There is a Season

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June 22nd, 2010 >> Books

Thinking about the cycle of life in the garden reminded me about Patrick Lane’s book, “There is a Season”, which I first read several years ago and have now started reading again. This book is a beautifully descriptive memoir of both Lane’s difficult life and the life of his garden. Lane sees his garden’s life as intertwined with his own and tending to it brings him solace and healing. He writes about creating a refuge in his garden, “a garden is a real place imagined and, with time and care, an imagined place made real.”

Recovering from years of addiction, Lane came out of rehab and spent a year in his garden on Vancouver Island observing the seasonal changes and writing about the happenings in his garden, his own activities as well as those of the many other garden inhabitants. He writes evocative descriptions of the animals, birds, insects, and plants in his garden, and of the relationship he has to them all. Lane observes that “a garden is a place of harmony, of balance and it is made from living things.”

I love Lane’s lyrical writing style and poetic descriptions of the smallest details in his garden’s life. His book meanders through a year in his garden, taking many little side trips to explore, often painful, memories from his past and then returns again to the peace and serenity of his garden sanctuary. He recognizes that all of his past experiences have brought him to the place that he is now. According to Lane, “we are what resembles us, in the garden as in our lives.”

This wonderful little book can be purchased in Canada here:

There Is A Season: A Memoir

or in the US here:

There Is A Season: A Memoir

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Thank you for reminding me of “There is a Season” — I read this several years ago after receiving it as a birthday gift from my sister who at that time lived not too far from Lane. It is a wonderful book, and deserves a re-reading.

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