Sharing my playground

Posted by: Heidi

July 7th, 2010 >> my garden, Photos

When I first started gardening I realized very quickly that a garden will never belong to just me. My garden belongs to the many plants that make it their home more than it belongs to me. I am just the caretaker. We also share it with many living creatures including birds, squirrels and numerous insects, some invited guests and some not. Each of the creatures in my garden have their own particular needs and objectives that are different from mine.

I try to be kind to the inhabitants of my garden and have accepted that my agenda may not necessarily be more important than theirs. The garden has taught me to more fully consider the impact of my actions. The overgrown branches of a tree may cast shade in a place where I would like to have sun, but what creature’s home might I destroy if I cut back the branches?

In addition to the wildlife that visits or resides in my garden I also share my garden with a dog who needs room to run and play. He loves to fetch and whoever is in the garden with him is usually happy to oblige when he implores them to throw a ball. While he knows to stay out of the garden beds, he can’t resist chasing a ball that bounces the wrong way. So, an occasional plant is lost due to ball-chasing casualties. While I am always a little sad to lose a plant, I usually feel that it is a small price to pay for the enjoyment that playing fetch in the garden brings. I don’t want a perfect looking garden that no one can enjoy spending time in.

When my son was younger he used to love to help me in the garden. He considered himself to be a ‘scientist’ from a young age and he liked to do ‘experiments’ in the garden:

This wasn’t part of my plan for the garden but I doubt that any other shasta daisy has caused more enjoyment than this one!

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Ok, so tell us: do electric daisies grow faster than the others? 🙂

The results were inconclusive at best. 🙂

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