Playing softly, walking softly

Posted by: Heidi

July 26th, 2010 >> my garden, Photos

Taking care of a garden has increased my awareness of the natural world. It’s not just our own little gardens that need to be nurtured and sustained, the whole earth is a garden and its resources are fading away at an increasing rate. I’m trying to play softly in the garden and walk softly on the earth.

In Patrick Lane’s book, “There is a Season”, he describes how he sees the wilderness as a garden and writes about how a gardener can learn many things from a patch of forest. When he wants to understand his garden better he goes out into the forests and meadows to observe how the plants live and where and why they grow.

I’m learning more about how to be kind to the earth and how to best nurture my garden. I’d like my garden to be sustainable, but I still have a lot to learn. I’ve been composting, but the compost is slow to come. I want my garden to be pesticide and chemical free, but I’ve discovered that not all products that are labeled “green” are actually good for the environment. As I add plants to the garden I am starting to look for more native plants but I am still not sure which plants are best suited for my garden.

I’d like my garden to not just be nice to look at but to be practical too. I’ve grown berries and herbs for a few years now and I’m hoping to grow more of my own food in the garden.

This year I’ve added a small vegetable plot and I’ll write more about the veggies next time.

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